Scholarships & Financial Aid

2018 - 2019 Financial Assistance Information


The tuition for Leadership Worcester 2018-2019 is $2,500. Tuition includes program costs, materials, meals, and facilities for the orientation, and the nine sessions of the program. Travel expenses to and from the sessions are not covered in the tuition. Tuition is payable in full by August 24, 2018 unless other arrangements have been made.

Financial Aid Philosophy

Financial assistance will be based upon need and available funding and will be extended, once selection of the class has been made, to those who are unable to meet the tuition requirements. Leadership Worcester has a limited amount of financial aid available each year to assist participants who cannot personally afford the tuition and have exhausted all other funding sources. All those capable of funding themselves are required to do so. Funding sources also may include a sponsoring organization or individual, an employer, or another affiliated organization (e.g. a trade organization). Payment plans are also available.

Financial assistance from Leadership Worcester should be seen as the last dollars that a candidate seeks. As an example, a participant’s employer might contribute $1,000 of a $2,500 tuition. The participant might reach out to a sponsoring organization (e.g. Rotary Club, Board affiliation) to pay $500, might pay $500 from personal resources, and then request the last $500 from Leadership Worcester.

Minimum Payment

No full scholarships will be awarded. There is a minimum personal payment requirement of $200 for all Leadership Worcester participants. This payment is to assure that even if an employer is willing to pay full tuition, the participant will still have a personal stake in the program. Regardless of the amount of financial support, employers must support a participant’s full participation in the program (i.e., allowing adequate time away from other duties).

Requests are Separate and Confidential

All participants will be selected without regard to financial aid. Funding Plan Worksheets will be kept in a separate, confidential file until final selections have been made. If an applicant is chosen to be a class member, Leadership Worcester will then consider a request for financial aid in conjunction with other requests. When notified of acceptance, participants will also be informed of any scholarship award.